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Residential evictions make up a complex area of the law. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we exclusively represent the interests of real estate investors, property owners, and rental property landlords. Unlike most landlord attorneys, we assist with the comprehensive real estate concerns of landlords, such as the following:

  • Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions, otherwise known as "Residential Evictions"
  • Real Estate Legacy Planning combining tax planning, estate planning, and asset protection planning for landlords and property owners
  • Estate Planning and Trust Planning for Avoidance of Probate Concerns and Smooth Transition Upon Death
  • Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation Planning Strategies to place properties and personal assets beyond the reach of creditors
  • Real Estate Closings such as the purchase and sale of residential, investment, and commercial real estate properties
  • Residential and Commercial Lease Drafting and Reviewing

DuPage County and Wheaton Landlord Eviction Attorneys Focused on Evicting Bad Tenants

Problem tenants cause headaches and concerns, which can drain your financial resources and time. Our experienced landlord eviction team knows the proper steps to evict unwanted tenants successfully and quickly. These tenants may cause concerns by failing to timely pay their rent, causing nuisance concerns, and/or having criminal or family issues that can impact the profitability of your rental property business.

You will want to hire the right counsel and team to avoid any missteps that could further drain your energy and time. We begin by drafting the eviction notice and listening to your concerns, which will guide the legal strategy and the processes followed during an eviction. We will provide you a complimentary review of your lease, and we will discuss your concerns and the potential legal issues you may face. Often, landlords want to maximize their cost savings by preparing their own eviction notices and serving their own notices to the tenants.

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we are here to guide landlords through the forcible entry and detainer process. Often, landlords reach a point during the eviction process where they have exhausted their resources and knowledge. In these situations, residential property owners and landlords hire us to solve their complex rental property concerns.

Preparation of Eviction Notices and Review of Written Leases

Building a solid foundation is critical for rental property owners. Written leases are important because they contain relevant clauses that aid the residential eviction court process. Property owners often have oral leases that limit their relief efforts in the DuPage County Court System. Awarding of reasonable attorney's fees is allowed only in cases where a written residential lease is presented. A written lease defines the responsibilities and rights of rental tenants and property owners.

Delivering of Proper Written Eviction Notices

Delivery of proper 5, 10, and 30-day notices is essential, because court cases are won and lost based upon the delivery of eviction notices. Improper delivery of eviction notices is a major issue that may jeopardize your eviction case. More importantly, residential landlords will continue to have significant cash flow concerns when the eviction process is delayed.

There are two main ways to deliver eviction notices. The first method is by personal hand delivery, otherwise known as "personal service." Personal service is essential, because the court process in DuPage County, Lombard, and Wheaton require proof that the tenants received actual notice of the written eviction notice. We employ private process servers through third parties, and these licensed professionals serve rental eviction notices to tenants. The benefit of private process servers is that they understand the service of process laws and the applicable grey areas. Equally important, the private process servers are neutral third parties who provide an affidavit of service showing that the tenant(s) were served (including when, where, and who). The private process servers work as a team to effectively provide a smooth eviction process.

Eviction Complaint: DuPage County and Wheaton Eviction Rental Property Attorneys

Eviction complaints cannot be immediately filed before giving the tenants the ability to cure their default. 30-day notices are especially important, because timing deadlines are complex for the average consumer. A residential eviction attorney understands the timing issues and deadlines involved. Once the period has elapsed after delivering the eviction notice, an eviction complaint may be commenced at the DuPage County Courthouse.

Eviction Summons

The Summons is a court document that provides the Defendant Tenant and Unknown Occupants with information about their court time and date. The Summons must be served by a licensed process server or Sheriff's Officer. Unlike an eviction notice, the Summons may not be delivered by the landlord (or their agent). A licensed professional must be employed to serve the Defendants and Unknown Occupants with the Summons and Complaint.

A critical concern of the DuPage County Eviction Court is the service of the Summons. The eviction attorney must notify the court by filing proof of service of the Summons. The DuPage County Judge will likely not have power and jurisdiction over the tenant to hear the eviction case unless the Sheriff (or Private Process Server) has properly served and notified the rental tenant(s) and unknown occupants of the pending legal matters.

After the Summons has been properly delivered, the tenant(s) will likely attend the first court date. At this court date, the tenant will generally resolve the matter with us, or they will ask for additional time to seek a lawyer or mediation (or rental assistance). The outcome of the first court date will depend on the facts and circumstances of the case. In our experience, the nature of the Judge's demeanor and attitude towards the forcible entry and detainer process will dictate the outcome of the case.

Effective Eviction Counsel for Wheaton and DuPage County Rental Property Concerns for Landlords and Property Owners

Landlord Evictions, LLC provides a cost-effective and timely process for residential owners and landlords. Whether this is your first eviction, or you are an experienced real estate investor, we will guide you and educate you about the rental property eviction process in DuPage County, Wheaton, and surrounding areas.

Additionally, Landlord Evictions, LLC provides legal advice regarding tax planning, real estate closings, estate planning, and asset protection for property owners and landlords. We have a niche in Real Estate Legacy Law, which combines effective asset protection and estate planning to maximize profitability and asset protection.

With a recession imminent, landlords and property owners will have significant concerns and opportunities. Tenants are likely to fall behind on their rental obligations due to additional financial stresses and job losses. These issues will make it essential for landlords to have proper eviction and asset protection counsel. During the Great Recession (in 2008 and after), we represented the interests of rental property owners and landlords, and significant lawsuit issues and judgments occurred. These lawsuits and judgments resulted in bankruptcies and financial distress.

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we handle the following legal issues and concerns of rental property owners, property owners, and landlords:

  • Real Estate Closings: Purchase and Sale of Real Estate, including use of 1031s, Investment Property Purchases and Sales, and other alternative closings (seller financing deals)
  • Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation Planning: Formation of LLCs, Series LLCs, Land Trusts, and other asset protection and wealth strategies
  • Estate Planning and Wealth Building: Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Wills
  • Business Formation and Creation of LLCs and other business entities
  • Residential Eviction Services

DuPage County and Wheaton Landlord Eviction Legal Services for Property Owners and Rental Property Investors

Landlord Evictions, LLC is owned by Gateville Law Firm, which has a wealth of experience in matters related to real estate law, asset protection, and estate planning. Our attorneys and support staff provide experienced and timely services in matters affecting rental property owners, landlords, and real estate investors.

Our real estate team has over 50 years of title insurance experience. Title insurance experience is critical, because unlike other attorneys, it gives our staff and attorneys the ability to open and close out any real estate file. Skill in real estate is critical for investors. We also offer discounted legal fees and title insurance discounts for investors that sell multiple properties per year. Call us today at 630-780-1034 or contact us via online contact form. Read our educational blogs, which are designed to educate rental property owners and landlords on the complex residential real estate eviction process. We have offices in Naperville (near I-59 and I-88) and Yorkville. We provide legal services throughout the Chicagoland area (except we do not currently accept eviction cases in Chicago and Cook County).

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