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Lawyers Serving Will County Rental Property Evictions for Property Owners and Landlords

Rental property evictions are a major concern for landlords when their tenants fail to pay them as agreed. Landlord Evictions, LLC provides rental property owners and real estate investors with legal services related to landlord evictions, rental property asset protection, and estate planning law.

Unlike most law firms, Landlord Evictions, LLC provides full-service legal representation for landlords and property owners. Rental property ownership is risky, and asset protection is required, especially with a recession coming soon. Increased rental property concerns, non-payment of rent, and late payments all create additional liability concerns for landlords.

Our past legal experience has involved representing landlords that lost everything in the 2008 recession due to improper titling of their rental properties. Property owners who own rental property in their personal names (or a husband's or wife's name) have significant liability concerns. One lawsuit can threaten the economic viability of a family.

Rental Property Eviction Services for Landlords and Property Owners in Will County

Landlord Evictions, LLC is owned by Gateville Law Firm, and we can assist with residential evictions for property owners, real estate investors, and landlords. Non-payment of rent concerns are a major concern facing landlords. Eviction services focus primarily on two issues. The first issue is collecting and asking for past-due rent, including unpaid utility bills, association payments, and other concerns.

Generally, reasonable attorney's fees are awarded in residential eviction cases when a written lease authorizes the court to award these types of fees. Court costs may be sought without a written lease. Most landlords have a written lease, but a written lease is not required. Often, an oral lease occurs because a rental property owner allows a person or family to rent from them after receiving a referral. Rental property owners may also have expired written lease situations where a landlord has an old lease that has expired. These renters are considered "holdover tenants" because they have continued a month-to-month rental term.

Shorewood and Channahon Forcible Entry and Eviction Attorneys for Will County

Effective legal counsel is essential in landlord evictions, because the area of evictions law is constantly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Evictions in the best circumstances are a complicated area of law. Court cases can be adversarial, and most tenants have Prairie State Legal Services as a resource, which can complicate residential evictions for rental property owners. Landlords may also become upset and emotional when addressing these issues, and their emotions can make it difficult for them to resolve rental disputes with their tenants.

Effective Attorney Representation for Rental Property Owners and Landlords

Landlord Evictions, LLC works with landlords who want to sell their property, and we provide a $500 discount on those services. We also concentrate on rental property estate planning and asset protection for landlords and property owners. Unlike most law firms, Landlord Evictions, LLC provides comprehensive legal services for rental property owners. Landlords and real estate investors face significant liability and lawsuit concerns, and they may have the title to their property in their personal and family names. Most lawyers fail to understand how real estate closings, asset protection, and estate planning can combine to affect property owners' families.

Real Estate Services

The team at Landlord Evictions, LLC have significant real estate closing and title insurance experience. We have employees that have handled hundreds of thousands of residential and investment closings over the last 25 years. The founder of Gateville Law Firm, which owns Landlord Evictions, LLC, has over 18 years of legal, real estate, tax, and asset protection experience. His strong tax and asset protection background combine to provide high-quality estate planning services for residential landlords. Call us at 630-780-1034 or get in touch with us via our online contact form. We offer a free initial consultation over the phone. Most residential eviction services are accomplished over the phone and internet.

Landlord Evictions, LLC serves clients in the following areas near Shorewood and Channahon:

  • All of Will County, including Plainfield, Joliet, Minooka, Lockport, Crest Hill, Bolingbrook, Romeoville, Crete, Braidwood, and other communities
  • Morris, Coal City, and Grundy County Residential Evictions
  • Kendall County Forcible Entry and Detainer Actions (otherwise known as "Rental Property Evictions")
  • Estate Planning, including Living Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Wills
  • Asset Protection and Wealth Preservation strategies, such as the formation of LLCs, Series, LLCs, Land Trusts, and other strategies
  • Tax Planning for Investment and Real Estate Properties
  • Real Estate Closings and Deeds (and related items)
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