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Rental Assistance and Landlord Evictions

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Rental Assistance and Landlord Evictions

Illinois HB 2877 signed by Governor Pritzker created the Covid-19 Federal Emergency Rental Assistance Program Act, which aimed to provide additional protections for renters and homeowners. The goal of HB2877 was to provide housing stability and provide rental assistance relief to rental property owners and renters. In Illinois, property owner evictions were sealed by HB2877 through August 1, 2022.

August 1, 2022

HB 2877 will allow forcible entry and detainer actions or otherwise known as “eviction cases” to be public record against a tenant’s record. The Illinois Rental Payment Program or otherwise known as “ILRPP” provides direct funding up to $25,000 for qualifying tenants and landlords for failure of a tenant to provide rental payment. The purpose of ILRPP is to provide funding to landlords to assist tenants to remain in their home and provide housing stability. 

Landlords have often failed that Illinois law favors the tenant versus the landlord. Landlords have deal with emboldened tenants failing to make rental payments as far back as June 2020 through the Present. The purpose of ILRPP was to provide covid-relief although the program does not force landlords or tenants to provide covid hardships.

Applications for ILRPP will be accepted through May 17th through Monday, June 7th. Interested tenants and landlords were supposed to apply online at ILRPP.IHDA.org.

Tenant Eligibility Requirements:

• Household must have experienced a financial hardship directly or indirectly due to the pandemic.
• 2020 household income was below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI), adjusted for household size.
• The household lives in Illinois and rents their home as their primary residence.
• Household must have an unpaid rent balance.
• Priority will be given to households earning less than 50% of AMI and to households with one or more members that have been unemployed for at least 90 days. 

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