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How Long Does It Take to Evict in Will County Illinois?

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In our experience, residential landlord evictions range from six to ten weeks in Will County to be processed from the beginning to the end. Landlords often wonder how long the eviction process takes in Will County and nearby Communities. 

An eviction proceeding may also be known as a “forcible entry and detainer action”. Landlord Evictions, LLC processes evictions for landlords exclusively in a cost-effective and efficient manner. The process if broken down into five parts.

The residential eviction process in the Joliet, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, and Romeoville and nearby areas involve a five-part process:

  • Eviction Notice is the first step in communicating with the tenant(s) of a problem such as non-payment of monies; termination of a month-to-month rental tenancy; and/or a lease violation. We recommend personal service to deliver the eviction notice because otherwise, the eviction notice may be ineffective.

  • Filing of Complaint is the process of filing an eviction lawsuit (or complaint) in the Will County or nearby courthouse. The eviction complaint is normally sworn under oath by the landlord and contains a relief for possession of the premises back, relief for rental damages including late fees and reasonable attorney’s fees and costs (if a written lease allows it).

  • Service of Process of Summons is required under Illinois law by a licensed professional or the Will County Sheriff’s Office. The tenants must be personally served a copy of the eviction complaint filed in the Will County Circuit Court so the court can have jurisdiction to make rulings affecting the tenants and landlord. There are circumstances where the court authorizes the posting of a summons on a door when a tenant purposely evades service of process.

  • First Court Date or Trial hearing involves the court deciding the appropriate course of action. At the first court date, the tenant and the landlord can enter an agreed order, which an agreement allowing a certain amount of time for the tenant to move. Or the property owner and tenant have a legitimate dispute and the matter goes to trial.

Recovery Back Owed Rental and Rental Damages

If you are a property owner and need assistance recovery back owed rent, late fees, and other relief, please contact us online or call us at 630-780-1034. If there is a written lease, which allows for the recovery of reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, we may be able to have the tenant reimburse you for your attorney’s fees and court costs (in case of a breach).

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