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This article is written to help landlords that have a rental property in Romeoville, Illinois in the County of Will. The eviction process since covid has become much more complicated and hiring an experienced eviction lawyer is increasingly become important. The Forcible Entry and Detainer Process or otherwise known as an “eviction” details the relevant rules regarding the eviction procedures and laws in the State of Illinois.


The beginning of eviction process in Romeoville begins with the eviction notice and delivery of the eviction notice to the tenant(s). There are four major types of eviction notices:


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oswego landlord eviction lawyerThis article will discuss the landlord eviction process in Yorkville and Kendall County, Illinois for Oswego, and nearby landlords. Evictions are processed in Kendall County in Room 116 of the Kendall County Courthouse.

Kendall County Landlord Eviction Process

There are several reasons why property owners or landlords desire to evict a tenant. Here are several of the reasons:


This article is designed to assist landlords and property owners who have a residential rental property in Bolingbrook and Will County. The eviction process in Illinois is also called the "forcible entry and detainer process". See 735 ILCS 5/9-101. The purpose of having an eviction statute is to govern the eviction process peacefully for landlords and tenants. The forcible entry and detainer act in Illinois prohibits landlords or property owners from evicting tenants without following a specified process.


The first step in the eviction process for landlords and property owners in Bolingbrook is to give an eviction notice. There are four major types of eviction notices for evictions. Here are the following eviction types:


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Illinois Eviction Attorney

Can you evict tenants in Illinois on or after November 21, 2022

Yes, Landlords, Real Estate Investors, and/or their agents may commence eviction cases in Illinois right now. At this point, eviction cases have Illinois government backed rental assistance for landlords and tenants. The Illinois Rental Assistance Program is administered by the Illinois Housing Development Authority or otherwise known as “IHDA”. At this point, landlords may get rental assistance directly paid to them for up to $25,000 (per tenant). See http://www.ihda.org/about-ihda/illinois-rental-payment-program/

How Do You Start an Eviction in Illinois?

In Illinois, the landlord must first give the tenant the eviction notices and allow the period to expire before proceeding to filing an eviction court case in Illinois. To file an eviction case, the landlord must file a complaint, which includes a copy of the residential lease (if applicable); the eviction notice; and affidavit of service proving the delivery of the eviction notice to the Defendant Tenants and Unknown Occupants.

Illinois Eviction Agreed Court Orders in Eviction Cases

This article describes the different types of agreed eviction orders in Illinois. This article does not comprehensively describe the eviction process in Illinois. This article has summarized the Illinois Eviction Timeline and a summary of the eviction process in Illinois.


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kendall county lawyer for landlordsYes, tenants may be evicted in Illinois during the winter months. There are no weather restrictions in Illinois with respect to eviction proceedings in Illinois.

Reasons for Evictions by Landlords in Illinois

There are multiple reasons landlords in Illinois want to forcible evict tenants in the winter months. These reasons include the following:

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