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sWill County Landlord Eviction Attorney

Residential evictions are complex matters for landlords and real estate investors. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, our attorneys, and staff specialize in Landlord Evictions exclusively representing Landlords. In this blog article, we will discuss the eviction process in Will County and Kendall County. Both counties have similar processes in place.

The first step in prosecuting a residential eviction or otherwise known as a forcible entry and detainer is delivery of the eviction notice. The most common eviction notices are the thirty (30) and five (5) day notices. There is also a seven (7) and ten (10) day eviction notice. We will not discuss the later two eviction notices in this article.


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Kendall County Rental Property Lawyers

Property Protection Attorney in Yorkville and Kendall County

Property ownership is a big responsibility and is a huge liability concern. Real estate investors and landlords are often ill-prepared in how they structure their rental property ownership structure. Proper business structure is vital for real estate owners because one lawsuit can wipe out a lifetime of wise decisions.

Real Estate Asset Protection: Kendall County Real Estate Attorneys

Realtors and lenders often say that renters should fire their landlord. In many cases, landlords regret their decision to invest in rental property. Rental property is a long-term investment, which must be protected. In many cases, we see families that have real estate title vested in each other’s names or in one person’s individual name. This is a tragic mistake.


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