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LLCs for Real Estate Investments

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LLCs for Real Estate InvestmentsNaperville and Yorkville Real Estate Lawyer for Landlords

What is a Limited Liability Company?

Limited Liability Companies (hereinafter referred to as “LLCs”) are the preferred choice of business entity for real estate investors (except for real estate owners involving in flipping real estate). 

LLCs are increasingly popular because of their flexibility, liability protection, and flow-through tax treatment. In this article, we will discuss the pros and cons of an LLC for real estate investors and other considerations that must be considered by real estate owners and investors.


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plainfield real estate lawyerAurora and Plainfield Real Estate Lawyers for Articles of Agreement

Articles of Agreement are known for their installment land contract, which usually requires two closings. Articles of Agreement are also land as “Land Sale Contract” or “Articles for Deed” or “Rent to Own” Installment Contracts. Going forward, we are going to refer to Articles of Agreement to describe seller financing and installment contracts. The benefit of seller’s financing is ability to avoid commercial lending requirements such as debt to equity ratios and poor credit scores.

Installment Contracts

An installment contract is a method of establishing a real estate transaction, which is an alternative to traditional mortgage financing. Under the installment contract, the buyer is essentially a “renter” with the ability to acquire an ownership interest in the future. An installment contract also involves an option to purchase. An option to purchase is the ability of the buyer to obtain traditional mortgage financing within certain time limitations. Furthermore, the buyer must also maintain a healthy renter and owner relationship. 


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