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Landlord Eviction Attorneys Serving Lombard and Downers Grove Focusing On Property Owners and Rental Property Landlords

Landlord legal representation is the core focus of Landlord Evictions, LLC. Our firm provides assistance with evictions and forcible entry and detainer actions in Lombard, Downers Grove, and the surrounding areas of DuPage County. Our Naperville office is located off of Highway 88 and Route 99 with free, easily-accessible parking. Our attorneys and staff are well-trained in the areas of residential evictions, which can be costly and may impact the economic livelihoods of rental property owners and real estate investors.

The first step in the landlord eviction process is the service of a written eviction notice. The most common eviction notice is the 5-day notice, which is a written notice for non-payment of rent. The 5-day notice should contain, at a minimum, the name of the tenant(s), the amount of rent owed, and the property address, among other things. It also should be noted that the landlord or property owner should not accept partial payment of rent after the expiration of the 5-day notice. Accepting partial payment of rent will invalidate the eviction notice, and the notice must be re-delivered to the tenant(s).

The second type of eviction notice is a 30-day notice, which is required to terminate the month-to-month rental tenancy of a rental tenant(s). The 30-day notice is used when a written lease has expired and the tenants have continued to occupy the unit(s) on a month-to-month basis.

Family members may want to evict tenants who are relatives for a variety of reasons. In these instances, there is no oral lease, and the property owner must serve the tenant(s) with a 30-day notice and give them time to vacate the residence. The property owner must note that a 30-day notice does not mean that the tenant must move within 30 days from the receipt of the notice. Proper legal guidance is necessary to assist with handling landlord and property eviction concerns.

The third major type of eviction notice is for non-compliance with the written lease, such as nuisance concerns or other violations (including keeping pets against the terms of the lease). Non-compliance concerns are difficult matters to address during evictions, and experienced legal counsel is critical in these situations. A rental tenant(s) has 10 days to move after receiving a copy of the 10-day non-compliance notice, and a notice should provide a description of the violations of the written lease. 10-day notice violations are often disputed, and a case may go to trial.

Service of Process of Eviction Notices for Lombard and Downers Grove Property Owners and Rental Property Investors

Unfortunately, unpaid rent and bad tenants can cause headaches and significant financial stress for landlords. The most misunderstood process in residential eviction cases involves the delivery of eviction notices. We often hear landlords explain that they gave a tenant notice through a telephone call, email, or text message. However, these are improper service of process methods to inform rental tenants of a pending eviction. The best method for service of process is personal delivery of an eviction notice, which is otherwise known as "personal service."

Personal service is a method of delivery of an eviction notice where the landlord or their agent hand delivers the eviction notice(s) to the rental tenant(s) and any unknown occupants. At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we employ private process servers through outside parties to serve eviction notices for our landlord and property owner clients. A private process server is a licensed professional who is experienced in delivering eviction notices to tenants. Tenants are often difficult to serve, because they may purposely evade service, and they may have self-taught knowledge of the eviction process.

At the DuPage County Circuit Court, Prairie State Legal Services regularly counsels rental tenants on their rights and obligations. Tenants may have attorneys who understand how the residential eviction process is handled at the DuPage County Courthouse. Effective legal representation is important, because COVID-19 has changed the legal framework for residential evictions.

Landlord Evictions, LLC serves the legal needs of property owners, real estate investors, and rental property owners in and around DuPage County, including the following cities:

  • Lombard
  • Downers Grove
  • Carol Stream
  • Woodridge
  • Oak Brook
  • Glen Ellyn
  • Wheaton
  • Warrenville
  • Lisle
  • Elmhurst
  • Addison
  • Winfield
  • West Chicago
  • Bloomingdale
  • Darien
  • Villa Park
  • Westmont

Asset Protection and Business Formation Services for Landlords in DuPage County, Lombard, and Downers Grove

Asset protection planning is critically important for landlords, particularly with a recession looming in the housing market. One lawsuit can destroy a family's economic viability and affect rental property owners for generations. Asset protection is the process of setting up Limited Liability Companies (or LLCs) and Series LLCs to re-title the ownership of rental property ownership. Rental property owners may fail to understand the need for wealth preservation legal services until it is too late. Recessions have a way of teaching landlords and property owners significant lessons the hard way.

At Landlord Evictions, LLC, we serve the legal needs of landlords, rental property owners, and other property owners. We counsel landlords on their legal needs regarding real estate, estate planning, asset protection, and evictions. Our real estate team is exceptionally strong in the areas of closings because of their significant title and real estate closing experience. Our real estate team has a combined experience level of 50-plus years.

Lombard, Downers Grove, and DuPage County Rental Property Eviction Attorneys Exclusively Serving the Interests of Landlords and Property Owners

Landlord Evictions, LLC has the skill and experience to handle your simple to complex legal needs. Landlords generally require eviction, estate planning, tax planning, asset protection, and real estate closing services. At our law firm, we provide full-service representation for landlords and property owners. Call us today at 630-780-1034 or contact us via our online contact form. We offer in-person, phone, and Zoom appointments. Our eviction services are mostly done virtually over the telephone and email.

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